Redesign, maintain and update web sites

Maintaining a website primarily involves regularly updating pages with new content, products, texts, photos, as well as visual enhancements within design and functionality.

By continuously improving the website, your customers know that you are following new internet technologies and that you are trying to make it easier for them to search for information about your business, making them aware that you are a serious firm.


These services are intended for all those clients whose sites do not own a CMS self-updating panel, clients who do not possess knowledge in the field of IT, and those who fail to find site maintenance odrzavanje sajtova, redizajn, ažuriranjeredesign, updated free time to administer the site.


Depending on the type of site or web shop, as well as the needs of clients, maintenance options may vary, but essentially there are two basic types, maintenance on demand and monthly maintenance.


On-demand maintenance is done for smaller sites, when you need to enter a smaller amount of information, make minor changes or updates, it is done at the client's request and it is ideal for sites that do not often change their content.

  • The price of this type of maintenance is 30 € and it is calculated by each hour and the calculation unit is one hour. The client receives information in advance how long it takes to make the updates he wanted.


Monthly maintenance is intended for large sites, portals, forums, web shops and other types of sites that have as many users and visitors as the content is constantly being updated and updated.The cost of this type of maintenance depends on many factors, such as scope of work, number of hours worked during the day, and what kind of team the client wants.

  • The calculation is done on a monthly basis for the previous month. Clients who have done our website have a discount at the price agreement. The maximum number of hours worked during the day is 8.



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